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Subject Lab

Keeping in mind the fact that effective learning always takes place better in smaller groups and with hands on experience, Rachana came up with an innovative idea of introducing the concept of subject labs. For:-

What you hear,
You forget
What you see,
You remember
But what you do,
You understand

For this purpose the children of each class are divided into three groups each taking a turn to go to the lab, to be with the respective teacher and to be involved in self learning respectively.

Maths lab

Maths lab activities are designed in such a way so as to teach students mathematics through a practical approach.They learn the complex concepts of mathematics through the playway method.

Eg- Prime nos ,HCF and LCM are explained with the help of teaching aids like Geo Boards or cutting and pasting strips.

Different experiments are performed on Pythagoras theorem, area of cirles, curved surface area of cylinders, where the children reach a conclusion through the activity approach.

Children are taught to collect, organize and analyze the given data. They also perform outdoor activities like practically measuring the area of the playground.

In short, they learn to visualize the basic mathematical concepts and apply these in their day to day life.

Science Lab

All the science lab activities are designed keeping the multisensory and multidisciplinary approach in mind. The outdoor activities consist of field trips, nature walks, food festivals, performance of skits, presentation etc whereas the indoor activities include performing activities, giving demonstrations, preparing slides, observing specimens, making working models etc. All the activities develop their psychomotor and observation skills and inculcate scientific values in the students. These activities are followed by theoretical discussions

English lab

The English Lab is designed to help the students to work in an environment that provides them an exposure to the beauty of the language .The lab activities go beyond the text and are structured in a way so as to enhance their knowledge of the English Language. The interactive and communicative sessions help the students to shed their inhibitions by giving them a platform where they can present their views.

Social Studies lab

In keeping with the schools philosophy of holistic education, the S.S. lab takes up contemporary topics and conducts various activities revolving around them.These include making charts,posters, presenting skits,role plays and even holding exhibitions. The learning imparted here goes beyond the text book and helps the students develop skills which are required to deal effectively with the demands and the challenges of everyday life.

Computer Lab

Rachana is of the thought that it is very necessary to keep up with the times and in this computer era a desirable amount of importance is given to imparting computer education. Various theoretical and practical aspects and nuances of computers are taught to the kids keeping in mind the fact that whatever the profession the kids wish to pursue later in life, technical knowledge of computers will facilitate their motive of a successful career. In accordance with this viewpoint, we at Rachana have a specially designed computer lab and a qualified, experienced and approachable faculty. To further enhance the quality of the education imparted we have a fully-equipped audio-visual room where the theoretical studies along with discussions take place with enthusiasm to be later followed by a practical demonstration of the theory so learnt.

Hindi Lab

Rachana School has started a Hindi Lab to make the teaching of Hindi language interesting. This lab plays an important role in developing confidence and creativity in students as it provides an excellent opportunity for students to express themselves. Teaching through practical work is helpful in imparting effective teaching to students of various abilities.